CLEAN Bandana (Antimicrobial Fabric)


Antimicrobial Fabric | Washable + Reusable | Ultra Breathable



Antimicrobial Fabric | Washable + Reusable | The More You Wear It, the Cleaner It Gets

The ULTIMATE CLEAN Bandana – made with Antimicrobial Fabric.

The Clean Bandana is embedded with our highly breathable Ionic+ Antimicrobial Fabric (learn more about the Ionic+ fabric here)

The CLEAN Bandana can be used:

  • as a Headband (for gym workouts with moisture activated antimicrobial fabric)
  • as a Standard Handkerchief (Moisture Activated Antimicrobial Action)
  • as a Covering (for long term antimicrobial use)

Pre-washed sizing is 22 inch x 22 inch.
Color: Grey

20% of all profits are donated to charity and our community to fight the opioid crisis.

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