Children’s – Girl’s Antimicrobial Face Mask


Hand-sewn face mask with antimicrobial filter.


Antimicrobial, hand-sewn face mask with built in X-STATIC® Technology.

  • EPA Registered Antimicrobial Product
  • Antimicrobial Material designed to resist the growth of microbes on the mask
  • Supports bio-compatibility and the absence of harmful substances in the manufacturing process

Product Details

  • Masks are machine washable for at least 20 washes
  • Machine wash in hot water, mild detergent, no bleach, no oxy type laundry products
  • Hand-made in Berwick, PA

How it Works

The primary principle behind X-STATIC Technology is the release of silver ions (Ag+). When you incorporate X-STATIC metalized fabric into face masks, these positively charged silver ions will be released in the presence of moisture (ex. respiratory moisture) and will act in several ways to inhibit and eliminate bacteria on the surface of the mask, protecting the mask from microbial impacts.


  • antimicrobial filter medium does not kill or eliminate viruses of any kind, it simply halts the growth.
  • Medical workers are encouraged to wear N-95 masks
  • Our masks follow (but do not exceed) CDC guidelines for masks. See here for CDC guidelines.


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