Keeping Our Communities Safe

Introducing the CLEAN Bandana

EMF/RF Shielded Products

Your phone emits Radio Frequency (RF) and an Electromagnetic Field (EMF). 

Our products decrease or completely block the RF/EMF radiating from your phone or device.

Antimicrobial Products

Our antimicrobial products are designed with X-STATIC® Technology to inhibit bacterial and microbial growth.

Phone Case

Safe Place for Your Phone & Face

The ZIVA is an essential accessory for today’s active lifestyle. Built on X-Static technology, the ZIVA phone case provides a safe place for your phone and your face.

How it Works

X-static is a fiber made with layer of 99,9% pure silver, which is permanently bonded to the surface of a textile fiber. It has been used primarily as an industrial and medical product, servicing high-tech industries and the Department of Defense.

More recently it has been thrust into consumer product markets as a result of the need for a safe, natural and effective antimicrobial solution. X-static is a fiber antimicrobial, heat transfer and anti-static.

 Our commitment remains to serve and provide support for our local communities.

That’s why we’re donating 20% of all profits back into our communities.

The strength of our company comes from the people within the organization, each and every member of our team takes personal ownership in meeting our commitments with each and every customer.


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